COVID-19 Protocol Compliance

COVID-19 is a serious health concern that must be controlled. Our COVID Compliance advisors are trained to understand, implement, and enforce COVID 19 protocols. All workplaces should appoint a Covid-19 Response Management Team, who will work alongside the Covid-19 Worker Representative(s) within the organisation to manage the Covid-19 Response Plan and the way it is put into practice.

Managing COVID-19 Compliance

Ensuring the safety of your employees is our top priority as every employee deserves to work in a safe environment. We will ensure that employees feel safe and secure in their place of work.


  • Assisting in the development of COVID 19 compliance protocols.
  • Specialty in implementing COVID compliance in all work environments
  • Provide and ensure signage (PPE, Social Distancing, Handwashing etc) is properly installed in the workplace
  • Oversee and monitor cleaning crews to ensure all high contact surfaces and protocols are being implemented.
  • Consulting on ever-changing COVID guidelines.
  • On-site compliance enforcement.
  • Rapid Deployment Compliance Audits and Training.
  • Health Screening Services.
  • COVID-19 Training on items such as Personal Protective Equipment, General Infection Control Concepts, Proper Hand Hygiene Techniques and Isolation Protocols

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