Equality & Diversity

Equality & Diversity

We provide Equality & Diversity consultancy & training services to deliver the following essential strategies for organisations to promote equality and diversity.

Your equality and diversity audit involves a comprehensive examination of the policies, practices, procedures and perceptions that operate in your organisation. This is achieved through an assessment of your employment policies and procedures in the organisation. Once this process is complete we will present to you a report which tells you what areas are working well, what needs improvement, and how to implement your Equality and Diversity Action Plan.

Equality and Diversity Action Planning

We will deliver an Action Plan that builds staff commitment and ensures everyone knows their role in managing diversity and promoting equality based on best practice. By taking this pro-active approach you will improve recruitment, selection, promotion and retention outcomes in your organisation, ensure any unfair or discriminatory practices are dealt with effectively meeting legislative requirements, and promote yourself as an employer of choice.

Employment Policy Development

Your employment equality policy helps you to attract good staff and keep them. Staff who are fairly treated and respected stay and contribute more to the organisation. Your equal status policyhelps you to secure competitive advantage in the market. Customers who are treated well and respected come back. Your disability policy outlines your organisations commitment to promoting equality and accessibility for people with a disability.

Your anti-harassment and bullying policy ensures that staff know what behaviour is acceptable and what is not. Harassment refers to unwelcome behaviour on any of the nine grounds covered under Irish equality legislation. Bullying refers to repeated inappropriate behaviour that could reasonably be regarded as undermining a persons’ right to dignity at work. Bullying behaviour is considered a risk to health, safety and welfare at work.

Help All Staff Understand What They Can Do To Promote Equality At Work.

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