HR Documentation

Is your HR Documentation up-to-date?

Edward Power& associates can see to all of your HR Documentation requirements, such as employee contracts and policies, to make sure your company is compliant with employment law.

It is important for all employers to make sure they have contracts in place and their HR documentation is up to date to protect your company.

Employee Handbook

Edward Power & Associates provide a bespoke service whereby we will provide you with all the policies to ensure you remain compliant with employment legislation and best practice.

Contracts of Employment

Edward Power & Associates will review all of your contracts of employment to ensure they are up-to-date with employment law and best practice. As practices in the organisation change, your employment contracts will need to be amended to reflect these developments.

Employment Policies & Procedures

Edward Power & Associates can also do a complete review your policies and procedures that fall out side of your policy handbook.

HR Forms & Letters

Edward Power & Associates can provide a review of your HR forms & letters, such as application forms, advertising for recruitment, template letters to staff etc.

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact one of our HR Consultants at the details provided below.

HR Consulting & Training in Employment Law