Managing Change

Managing Organisational Change

Very few, if any, companies are immune from change these days. Sometimes the change is organic and people hardly notice it happening.

More often, however, change is initiated because businesses have to respond to external pressures and constraints as well as internal ones.

Most companies are either preparing for change, in the middle of managing change or just simply having a hard time recovering from some previous change.

Most change programmes fail because nobody looks at the emotional fallout and the effect on people's lives.

If you know there is a danger of productivity dipping because morale is about to plummet in the face of imposed change, and then giving people support is the single best investment you could make to sustain and develop your changing business.

If resistance to change was not so common, there would be little demand for training in this area. In fact within most organisations enormous energy goes into resisting change. Yet, at the same time most employees will say that they accept the inevitability of change.

This places a great emphasis and responsibility on managers to handle change in a thoroughly professional way so that resistance to change is kept at a minimum if not eliminated altogether.

Change Management Training

Our Change Management Training deals head on with the challenge of change. We will assist you to create a personal leadership strategy that will motivate, persuade and inspire those around you. Our Change Management Training can be tailored as an in-house programme to address specific issues within your company and will cover issues such as:

  • General principles for managing change.
  • Levels of Turbulence in an Organisation.
  • Agents for change.
  • Phases of planned change.
  • Managerial behaviour.
  • Initiating and managing change.
  • Planning strategic change.
  • The application of force-field analysis to analyse change.

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