Managing Discipline & Grievances

Managing Discipline & Grievances

This workshop is designed for business owners and line managers to provide an overview of how to handle disciplinary hearings. This is a difficult task for any manager, and made even more so by the need to protect an employee’s natural rights and abide by fair procedures.

Effectively Implement Discipline and Grievance Procedures

This workshop provides a practical understanding of how to effectively implement discipline and grievance procedures.

It also looks at the legislative requirements, reflects on lessons from case law, emphasises procedural requirements, and explores the practical skills needed to conduct meetings. This workshop will provide:

  • Overview of the Unfair Dismissals Acts, Codes of Practice, and the principles of due process and natural justice.
  • The Performance Management link – dealing with issues and providing feedback early to avoid escalation vs. invoking disciplinary procedures.
  • Review of best practice disciplinary policy and procedure and sample cases. The role of the disciplinary investigation.
  • Purpose of a grievance policy and procedure. Examples of workplace grievances and how to deal with them
  • Preparation, planning and conducting a disciplinary meeting, including skills practice.

This workshop can be customised to take account of the organisation’s own Discipline and Grievance Policy and Procedure.

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